Spray Type Hank Dyeing Machine

Spray Type Hank Dyeing Machine is designed for dyeing of loose fibers / Yarns. The heating to dye is provided and bundle of yarn is half deep and rotated at speed calculated. The rotating shaft also has veins to inject dye inner side of bundle. The machine is most suitable to avoid hazardous manual operations. Spray dyeing machine can be designed with multiple shafts for higher production.

Features :

  • Higher effective Circulating Pumps manufacturer models SS316L.
  • Mirrors polishes go through tube with formed fronts and stern discs for hassles permitted movements of the yarns.
  • Rotation hanks moving pipes are fits Teflon bush.
  • Tending roofs of specially designed.
  • Manually Balls valve at both tube inlets.
  • AC inverter (optional) to regulate the flow of the liquor to maintain pressure.
  • Steamers are heating with inflated operating valve.
  • Water levels indicators
  • Inspection machines and materials for spot lights.
  • Programming beside with digitally temperature indicators.
  • Fully and Semi-Automatic machine is touch screens and ac drivers for pumps.

Technical Specifications :

Type of Fiber / Fabrics : polyesters, cottons, wools etc.
Working temperatures : approximetely 100°C
Working pressures : 2 kg/cm2
Heating Rates : 25°C - 99°C approximetely 30 minutes (Saturated steam pressure 7 kg/ cm2)
Cooling Rates : 99°C - 49°C approximetely 20 minutes (Cooling water at 3 kg/cm2)
MOC : saturated parts SS 316 L
Capacity : 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg & 500kg
Panel Board : Programmable Semi Automatic & PLC (optional)
Application : Rope or yarn in hank form, tapes.

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