Space Dyeing Machine

OM SAI ENGINEERING Multicolor Space Dyeing Machine has been developed with the growing need of Space Dyed Yarn globally and tie & dye market locally. This machine is used for multicolour dyeing of cones in different possible patterns. It is suitable to dye any type of yarn both natural and synthetic i.e. Polyester, Cotton, Rayon and many more. This machine is also to Space Dye fine count filament polyester yarn in single cycle. It is one of the technologically advanced and successfully running machines in the market with newly updated OM SAI ENGINEERING Pneumatic Actuated Distribution System, water saving system for Vacuum Pump, Pneumatic Sitter for colour tanks, etc.

The machine is offered in various models with options of 4, 6 and 8 colors depending on the needs of the buyer.

Space Dyeing Machine Multiform Dyeing Machine Dyeing Machine

Features :

  • With options 4, 6 and 8 colours
  • Machine body & all parts coming into contact with the dye liquor are made of AISI SS 316Ti/316L, highly corrosion resistant
  • High vacuum through double stage vacuum pump
  • Water saving system for vacuum pump
  • Liquor transfer through seal less magnetic pumps
  • Liquor dosing by highly efficient overhead mounted Distribution System
  • Automatic dyeing cycles, high productivity, 1 dyeing cycle in about 60 seconds
  • Suitable for any type of yarn natural or synthetic, wound on dye spring, plastic tube, steel tube, etc.
  • Multiple design possibilities
  • Power control panel with PLC & touch interface
  • Floor level installation
  • Individual colour tanks for stocking dyestuff

Working Steps :

Package Preparation: The yarn must be wound on Dye spring, Plastic Tube, Steel Tube, etc.
Recipe Preparation: The chemicals & dye-stuff are mixed & put into colour tank
Dyeing Process: It starts with transferring of mixed liquor each colour tank to overhead dosing cylinders & distributed uniformly to the package. The uniformity of the printed package is guaranteed both by OM SAI ENGINEERING Distribution System mated with high suction of the vacuum pump
Dyestuff Fixation: After dyeing, the packages are placed in OM SAI ENGINEERING Yarn Conditioning Machine for dyestuff fixation. The process of heat setting & conditioning varies on the type of yarn.
Washing: To wash out the excess dyestuff the package is then placed in OM SAI ENGINEEING yarn dyeing machine
Drying: Depending on the Yarn, OM SAI ENGINEERING Hydro Extractor or OM SAI ENGINEERING Hot Air Drier can be used to dry the wet package

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