Soft Overflow Dyeing Machine

Sample Soft Flow Dyeing Machine Soft Overflow Dyeing Machine

Features :

  • Wet parts are constructed in stainless steel
  • Process in high temperature or atmospheric condition is possible
  • Variable Reel Speed through drive
  • Mainly used to repeat and correct the recipe between lab and bulk production
  • Fabric turnaround time and liquor ratio similar to bulk production machine
  • Recipe developed can be applied directly
  • Machine is compact in size
  • SS Centrifugal pump for circulation

Technical Specification :

Type of Fiber : Cotton, man-made fiber blends
Type of Fabrics : Woven and knitted
Nomial Capacity per batch : 1kg., 2kg., 3kg., 4kg., & 5kg.
Minimum MLR : 1:10
Winch Moter H.P : 0.5hp geared motor, shaft mounted.
Minimum Rope Length in Meters : 4 meters
Material of Constructions : All wetted parts - Stainless steel AISI 316
All other parts-Stainless steel AISI 304.
Heating : Through electric heaters 12KW
Maximum Temperature : 135°C
Application : Dyeing of colour sample fabric in open width form or Rope form

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