Sample Yarn Dyeing Machine

Sample Yarn Dyeing Machine has created for increasing samples of yarn / fabrics. Measurements of textile machinery have designed by the yarns to be coloured. The formula considered for machines are used for productions Units. Dyeing Machinery has control for programming controllers such as semi-automatic control. This dyeing vessels are single colour dyed at a times. It’s easily to grip and flexible tools for packaging dyeing plants. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of sample yarn with low liquor dyeing machine in Mumbai India. There are the similar working types machines, liquor ratio, flowing rates, technical procedure follow with slights adjustments to manufacturer machines. Sample machine performed very well in the industrial constructions with implements latest quality features.

Sample Yarn Dyeing Machine

Features :

  • Easily opreating turbo Pumps.
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Programming Controllers DP-01
  • Air compress systems at variable capacity
  • Providing with Pneumatic Operating Controls Valve
  • Low cost expansions

Technical Specifications :

Type of Fiber / Fabrics : polyesters, cottons, wools and silk etc.
Working temperatures : 140°C
Heating Rates : 25°C - 135°C approximetely 30 minutes
Cooling Rates : 125°C - 75°C approximetely 20 minutes
MOC : Stainless steel machines parts.
Capacity : 200gm. 1kg. 2kg, 3kg. 4kg. & 5kg
Panel Board : Semi Automatic Programmable
Applications Textile Laboratory

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