Infra Beaker Dyeing Machine

Infra Beaker Dyeing Machine is designed for dyeing of loose fibers / Yarns / samples in SS pot in very small quantity. It can be substitute for Glycerin Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine (H.T.H.P Beaker Dyeing Machine). As compare to Glycerin bath dyeing machine, Infra Beaker Dyeing Machine avoid the smell of heated Glycerin and heat is directly given to the potS and also measured from pot, so accuracy in process. It is less hazardous and convenient in working.

infra dyeing machine Heating allows effective heating of beaker causing in optimal dyeing condition. For example infrared radiation is recycled for heating there are not infection of beaker with disordered heating standard and therefore the working has cleaner. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of infra beaker dyeing machine in Mumbai India to all over the world with latest quality products and assured safety features. Additional dyeing cycle is possible with infra-colour as preparations and cleaning period is importantly compact. Injection dosing systems are providing for creation cut to cut addition to the beakers dyeing without opening the infra beakers.

Flexible speeds rotations of beaker posture assembly facilities dyeing of all parts of textile and yarn sample with all types of dyeing.

Automatically microprocessor is programming.

Infra colour is environment friendly easy to use sample dyeing machine with infracolour there is no pollution, no smoke or bad smell in working area as is the case with conventional baths.

Features :

  • Crease - and spot -free sample dyeing.
  • Low liquar ratio: 1:5 fabric dyeing cotton.
  • Soda ash adding without opening the beakers.
  • No glycerin or coolong water needed.
  • Optional : Filling in the powder or liquid chemical to be added later on during the dye process.
  • Three - dimensional movement and 360° rotation (clockwise and counterclockwise) allow even and dyed through samples.
  • The multi functional beaker holder allows the use of different beaker sizes.

Technical Specification :

Type of Fibers / Fabric : silk, polyester, light weight cotton, wool etc.
Maximum working temperature : 140°C
Heating Rate: rate of heating up to 4°C/ min.
Cooling Rate : rate of cooling upto 3°C/min.
MOC : SS 316 L
Capacity : 15kg to 540kg
Panel Board : Programmable through microprocessor controller DP-02 with 99 program memory.

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