Heat Setting Machine

OM SAI ENGINEERING Yarn Conditioning / Heat Setting Machine has manufactured with latest quality features to renovate usual assets of yarn to improved resistance and power, recovering humidity levels, growing possessions, eliminating growling and bending effect, Rotation Settings.

These machines are used for dual purpose to give all ordinary and synthetic yarn Cottons, Blend, Wools and Polyesters in the procedure of all types Fabric Cones.

We are offering wide range of yarns carrier trolley like Basket Type to Carrying Cone, Bobbin with Hanger for Yarns, Hank, Sock and Cages types. Period for loading and unloading of yarns carrier has also provided client’s requirements.

Heat Setting Machine

Features :

  • Machine parts and body with attached the yarn and completed of AISI-SS 304
  • Protected external with inorganic wools to maintains in manufacturing cold soaking steams at low temperatures
  • Minimum temperatures of yarn conditioning steam from 45°C and heat setting up to 120°C
  • Maintenance free double stage pumps, confirms up to 95% improvement and similar absorptions of moistures
  • Directly and indirectly heat setting machine
  • Pneumatic operating lock / unlock door with safety features for globally standards
  • Adjustable loading of yarn steam autoclave
  • Controlling panels with Programmer DP-02 touch screens

Technical Data :

  • Designing pressures -1 to +1 bars
  • Max. designed temperatures 130°C
  • Heat conditioning gradients 25°C - 130°C approximately at 5°C/min. (Dry saturated steam at 7 bars)
  • Average steam autoclave consumptions of yarn 0.25-0.50 per kg at 7Kg/cm²
  • Compress air requirements 6-7 Kg/cm²
  • Maximum vacuum up 720 mm Hg

Advantages :

  • Twist setting, shrinkage set of yarn
  • Improved dye fixation & affinity
  • Improved weaving & knitting performance, fewer needle breaks
  • Higher elongation & strength of yarn
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance cost and energy efficient
  • Uniform moisture regain

Optional Features :

  • Motorised load / unload platforms
  • SS 304 / 316 Vessels

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